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The man leans nonchalantly on a wall, his manner is that of a man unconcerned with his surroundings but even one of our poorer CCTV camera picks up his slight tremor, this man is actually very, very excited.

“Is that who I think it is?” asks my colleague. I pull up his feed and take a look. “If you think its Brian, yes” I confirm. We watch him some more. Brian isn’t the harmless middle aged man that he looks. He certainly has something in his sight that excites him. My colleague is reluctant to take the camera off him to find out what this is,  though, as if he moves while it is off he will be soon be out of view. We could quickly lose him in the maze that makes up one of Smalltowns badly planned 70’s estates. He heads around the back of the shops away from the park, which is a relief. He comes into view of another camera and while my colleague watches him I swing the now free original camera onto the Park area. My breath catches and a small shiver scurries down my spine. Two girls not really even into their teens are playing in the unseasonal snow. Surely this cant be what we expected. The problem is we have nothing to justify calling Police. Yet.

Some background on Brian. He has just come out of prison, a reformed character after a long stretch for sexual assault on a minor. He has done his time and just has some minor parole conditions to adhere to. Brian is cured. We obviously keep a very close eye on the man to ensure that these are kept to (no kids clothing shops etc…)

I’m surprised when my colleague jumps onto the Airwave radio and, rather breathlessly calls “Control CCTV urgent”. I pull up his feed and it takes what feels like a year for what I am seeing to sink in. Brian is watching the girls from the other side of the park now, hidden in the shadows of the loading area for the shops. His movements are staccato and odd his hand between his legs. Brian is masturbating. Now I see the urgency in my colleagues voice.

HQ are brilliant, they accept my colleagues word instantly and call for immediate officers to the location. The nearest officer is a good five minutes away. A lot can happen in five minutes. Let hope Brian doesn’t…”He’s zipping up”, my colleague tells me. I still have the girls in view. Our images are slowly converging as Brian saunters towards the girls. My mouth is dry by now, tongue stuck to the hard palate. I am so glad my oppo has the radio as I’m not sure I could get much out right now.

Brian bends down gathering a handful of snow, he’s throwing it at the girls who are obviously a bit taken aback by this strange visitor. He gets closer and closer.

Get there.. get there for fucks sake. It’s a strangely helpless feeling knowing that you are about to witness horrific events and your job is to unflinchingly get as much detail on it as possible. If you fuck up its all in vain. He reaches out and grabs on girl round the waist from behind hands riding higher than is acceptable on anyone let alone a stranger. Something tips Brian off that all is not well, as he then runs. Dropping the girl and heading for freedom. I see the hi-vis jackets and realize that our canny lads have taken a silent approach. He’s not escaping this time. They bring him down and I hope it hurts.

Brian is going back where he belongs and hope to all that is holy he wont be out again.

I still have regrets about the incident. I regret that the Dog Unit did not get there first. I regret Brian didn’t struggle and get a faceful of PAVA. I regret that we have a system that would allow a person like this out in the first place. The kind of man labelled “at High Risk of Reoffending”. Surely any risk should preclude release. Most of all I regret the areas that we couldn’t see and the times that this filthy creature got away with his crimes. I’m sure they existed.

There is a post incident atmosphere in the control room, it’s become uncomfortably hot, there is relief, disgust, even exhilaration all emotions that go together like Sardines and  Jelly. The weakness of fading adrenaline also hits, all the worse for the fact that no physical activity has actually happened.

I break the silence. “Tea mate?”


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